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Welcome to CGF

CGF is the exclusive distributor of Rayner (UK) Intraocular lenses (IOLs) and Cassini Technologies (The Netherlands) in the Philippines.

Clinical Global Frontiers was pioneered by a Filipino scientist, Victor Arni Sicam, Ph.D., who developed a new technology, granted U.S. and European patents, in corneal imaging diagnostics useful for planning of cataract and refractive surgeries.

With the scientific culture as a basis for the formation of CGF, it is now a dynamic and visionary team with over 30 years of expertise internationally and locally in the Ophthalmic Industry.

We specialize in innovative premium ophthalmic products and services, making them available to the Filipino community.

Rayner Logo (white)

Rayner is leading the way in ophthalmic innovation with IOLs and ophthalmic solutions designed to provide surgeons and patients with the best visual outcomes. When Sir Harold Ridley designed the world’s first IOL in 1949, he chose Rayner to manufacture this ground-breaking invention.

RayOne Family

RayOne Trifocal

RayOne Trifocal is the newest member of the RayOne family of preloaded IOLs.

RayOne Toric

RayOne Toric is designed with an aspheric anterior surface that creates no spherical aberration.

RayOne Aspheric

RayOne Aspheric offers improved contrast sensitivity compared with spherical IOLs

Sulcoflex Family

Sulcoflex Trifocal

Sulcoflex Trifocal can offer you the FREEDOM to see CLEARLY at all distances without glasses.

Sulcoflex Toric

Designed to avoid the potential problems of conventional “piggy-back” IOLs

Sulcoflex Aspheric

Unique posterior concave surface, minimises the possibility of interaction with the primary IOL

Related Services

A subsidiary of CGF, WVG is involved in the sale and distribution of local and international pharmaceutical products.