Victor Arni Sicam, PhD.

Victor Arni Sicam, PhD.


Arni is a scientist in the field of Medical Physics. He has 14 years educational training (BS, MS, and PhD) in the University of the Philippines and the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During Arni’s PhD studies at the VU University Medical Centre, he co-invented color LED specular reflection technology in corneal imaging (Patent No. WO2009127442A1) which resulted in a clinical instrument now known as the Cassini corneal shape analyser.

Arni also worked at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital to promote his research “towards a spectacle-free society”. The instrument Cassini has gained recognition in the US and Europe which partly motivated Arni to go back to the Philippines to bring the technology to his home country.

Recently, he began working at the Philippine Eye Research Institute continuing his passion to excel in the field of academics.

Arni loves to collect puns and use it for almost everyday use. He enjoys laughter and wit.

Annaliza Valimento

Annaliza Valimento


Annaliza is a product of the University of the Philippines in the field of clothing technology. She has also taken her MBA in Ateneo.

Since her high school days, Annaliza was driven to be a successful entrepreneur and chose to learn from the international corporate world, working with companies in the Philippines, Singapore, and Bangladesh that manufacture well-known international brands – with the intention of eventually owning her own business.

Once she embarked on her entrepreneurship, in a span of 10 years, Annaliza was able to expand her company branded as AMEU (American/European) garments into more than 20 outlets all over the Philippines. In the process, Annaliza became an expert in logistics, finance, and administration – essential aspects of building a successful company.

Annaliza is the brains behind the business of CGF.

Celina D. Gloria

Celina D. Gloria


Celina has, for more than 30 years, successfully built her career in sales in the field of Ophthalmology and is known by most in the field as “Mother” since the time she was working with Alcon Philippines. Celina’s vigor remained undiminished even up to the point when she retired from the industry in 2014. Many in the industry have fond thoughts of “Mother” and the feeling is mutual.

After four years away from the industry, she could not resist the opportunity to promote one of the best intraocular lenses (IOLs) in the world manufactured by Rayner UK, this time as a pioneer of CGF.

When you think of “Mother”, one thinks of elegance and warmth in relationships.

CGF Team 1

Louis Kweyamba, MD


Louis did his Doctor of Medicine studies at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (2011-2014) and Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines (2015-2017). While in Tanzania he was country representative of SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange). It was in SCOPE where he gained skills in organization of events pertaining to medical affairs. Louis is a keen observer and very quick to learn. He is objective in processing information to help him formulate his decisions.

A force that drives his passion is his dream to make a big contribution to missions one day – giving a helping hand to those who are underprivileged, not only in his homeland, but in the international scope as well, as he has been to places in three continents: Africa, Europe and Asia.

Louis is a strongly-driven, focused and hardworking man.